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05:02am 20/01/2005
  Posting in a dead area is ever so fun.  
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11:07am 18/12/2004
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Hey guys!

Just a few notes on potential plot-creating groups:

 -A young mother's group is being created within Elar (courtesy of myself and Lainie). So, if we have any more human women that want to join, do say! (character creation is underway as such).

-Rene seems to be working hard on recruiting humans for the lil' anti-vamp/hunter activist group he's in, and so it won't hurt to work on creating a bit more of a structure to the group.

-I'm creating an older scientist, and so, though I could play it alone, a little group of lab-workers might creative much less obvious, highly fun side-plots.

- It strikes me that we have no real antagonistic kind of group in play yet. So, I think there should be a bit of plotting for an extremist vampire faction, since though we do have some rather... sadistic characters about, they're all loners. Who knows, if you really push it, there might be a chance to deploy Jeremiah and his nasty bunch. Now that is an example of extremist behaviour. (For those who don't know, they're an NPC hunter team.)

-Some Hunter missions. I mean, what could be funnier than forcing a bunch of socially awkward fighters off -together- with some joint objective?

Of course, every option needs plenty of time and planning, and then we have to get the go ahead from Arro based on how well they work (excluding the first two,w hich already have the go ahead), but it allows for a lot of fun.

Feel free to throw about any suggestions you have too.


12:11am 03/12/2004
  Man, this place is nice and dead. Deader then John Lennon's sex life!

Wait, I could have just said John Lennon, and it still would have made sense. Possibly more sense. Okay, say something about a washed-up actor, like Tony Danza, or Dan Akroyd...

Meh, whatever. Have fun, you crazy kittycats.
03:43pm 24/11/2004
  It's Erin, AKA MiaJames on the boards, just posting to say hiya and also that this is a great idea!  
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06:58pm 23/11/2004
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The layout and colors are screwy. Anyone out there care to give suggestions for colors and whatnot for the community?
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